Nagisa Kaworu Cosplay – School Uniform

Nagisa Kaworu Cosplay

It’s kind of an unwritten law: white haired anime boy, who you love so much, will die soon. And Nagisa Kaworu from Evangelion franchise, is not an exception. When he died, he probably left many sad Evangelion fans behind. With today’s cosplay idea, cosplay Kaworu and jump aboard the feels train. Kaworu has greyish white hair and red eyes. EOS New Adult Red lenses from PinkyParadise are a good choice for Nagisa Kaworu cosplay. His school uniform includes Short Sleeved White Shirt, Dark Blue Suit Pants and Brown Canvas Belt. Even though he wears Orange Short Sleeved T-shirt beneath his shirt on the Neon Genesis Evangelion, he prefers to wear a purple one on the Evangelion 3.0. For shoes, his choice is Beige Canvas Shoes. You know all the items you need now and it’s 2015 – Year of Evangelion. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Short Sleeved Shirt – White
    Aliexpress – $14.80
  2. Short Sleeved T-shirt – Purple
    Aliexpress – $6.40
  3. EOS New Adult Red Circle Lenses
    PinkyParadise – $22.90
  4. Suit Pants – Dark Blue
    Aliexpress – $19.62
  5. Canvas Shoes – Beige
    Aliexpress – $18.69 – 19.99
  6. Evangelion Nagisa Kaworu Wig
    Ebay – $17.98
  7. Canvas Belt – Brown
    Aliexpress – $2.69