Casual Cosplay Friday – Charmander ♀

Charmander Casual Cosplay

Charmander, probably, is the most people’s favourite starter from Pokemon series. And there is a reason for it. Charmander was created as one of the original 151 Pokemon and is a starter Pokemon the player can choose from at the beginning of Pokemon Red and Blue, and their remakes, Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. With this week’s Casual Cosplay Friday, why not bring its cuteness to your actual life with these orangey clothes? For this, we are recommending you to wear Yellow Sleeveless T-shirt under Orange Hoodie and Mid Waist Orange Shorts on the bottom. To complete the cuteness, prefer Orange Canvas Shoes and Orange Socks. That’s it! Cute and sportive; ready to go and beat gym leaders of real life with this version of charmander casual cosplay.

  1. Canvas Shoes – Orange
    Aliexpress – $12.90
  2. Hoodie – Orange
    Aliexpress – $13.50
  3. Socks – Orange
    Aliexpress – $1.49
  4. Sleeveless T-shirt – Yellow
    Aliexpress – $4.00
  5. Mid Waist Shorts – Orange
    Aliexpress – $16.78