Suzuya Juuzou Cosplay – Manga Version

Suzuya Juuzou Cosplay

Tokyo Ghoul’s childish and carefree Juuzou Suzuya is a young man who was raised by ghouls. He has an androgynous appearance with particularly bright white skin and big eyes. Red Twilight Lens, which we recommended for Suzuya Juuzou cosplay, will be a good choice to catch his eerie and frightening impression. Juuzou wears a white button-up shirt, an oversized suit jacket, black dress pants, and red suspenders with yellow polka-dots. But, instead of shoes, he wears red slippers. So, it will be good to have a pair of Red Coral Fleece Slippers. For the last touch, don’t forget his extremely strong and durable weapon of his choice: 13’s Jason.