Casual Cosplay Friday – Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune Casual Cosplay

Sailor Neptune, aka Michiru Kaiou, is the eighth Sailor Senshi who was introduced in the third story arc of Sailor Moon franchise. Unlike the original Inner Senshi, she was not awakened by the moon cats in 20th-century Tokyo, but rather awoke on her own. Sailor Neptune fought alongside her partner and lover Sailor Uranus in defending the Solar System from outside threats. In both versions of the story, she was elegant, sophisticated, capable of sharp anger, sometimes cold and fully dedicated to her duty as a Senshi. Her powers were based on the sea or ocean. If you want to casual cosplay “Soldier of Deep Waters” on this Casual Cosplay Friday, start with Petal Collar White Blouse, Pleated Green Mini Skirt and Green Ankle Strap Pumps. To catch “Sailor Fuku” look, using a Blue Butterfly Bowtie and Bow Waist Blue Belt would be a really good choice. To complete her elegant look, we recommend you to wear Pearl Earrings. If you are fan of gloves, you can select one of the White Gloves on the link.

  1. Petal Collar Blouse – White
    Aliexpress – $8.89
  2. Butterfly Bowtie – Blue
    Aliexpress – $2.99
  3. Summer Gloves – White
    Aliexpress – $2.09 – 3.97
  4. Bow Waist Belt – Blue
    Aliexpress – $4.69
  5. Pleated Mini Skirt – Green
    Aliexpress – $11.66
  6. Pearl Earrings
    Aliexpress – $0.13
  7. Ankle Strap Pumps – Green
    Aliexpress – $37.90