Casual Cosplay Friday – Grell Sutcliff

Grell Sutcliff Casual Cosplay

It’s Casual Friday and this week’s guest is Grell Sutcliff. If you are a fan of cunning, flamboyant, ruthless, bloodthirsty, and somewhat sadistic Grim Reaper of Kuroshitsuji, you can carry his black-red style to your real life with this items. Maybe it’s not guaranteed that your real life Sebastian will be attracted to you. However, someone sure will spot you with this Red Loose Trench Coat, Black Vest, Stand Collar Long Sleeve Shirt, High Waisted Black Pencil Pants and High Heeled Lace-Up Ankle Boots. We recommend you Black Gloves and Red Eyeglasses Frames to complete the look too. We know the hardcore fans will want to carry a chainsaw like he does. But, please keep your chainsaw for conventions and enjoy your Causal Friday with this casual cosplay.

  1. Stand Collar Long Sleeve Shirt – White
    Ebay – $4.49
  2. High Waisted Pencil Pants – Black
    Aliexpress – $12.68
  3. High Heeled Lace-Up Ankle Boots
    Aliexpress – $68.99
  4. Artificial Leather Gloves – Black
    Aliexpress – $10.00
  5. Eyeglass Frames – Red
    Aliexpress – $9.90
  6. Vest – Black
    Aliexpress – $12.55-13.56
  7. Loose Trench Coat – Red
    Ebay – $13.13